Radius is a community for parents and providers

I am a children's activity provider in our community.

Radius provides parents with a simple way to connect to all activity providers in our community. One place. All children's activities. Is yours included?

I'm a provider. How do I know if my activity is included and current in the Radius community?

There are two easy ways to find out if your activity is avaiable in the Radius community:

1) Ask us! Email providers@myradius.io and we'll let you know. If you are already included, we'll provider you a copy of the listing that you can review and update.

2) Become a member! You, too, can become a member of Radius and take advantage of the Radius community for your own family, or simply to keep tabs on what's going on. When you do, you'll be able to engage fully in the community, including searching the directory. If you have children under 19 years old, join as a parent. If not, join as a provider/observer and we'll simplify your experience.

Join as a parentJoin as a provider

How can I ensure my activity is listed and kept current in the Radius community?

Keeping your information current in Radius is simple — email providers@myradius.io and we'll work with you to keep it current. There is no charge for providers to be included in Radius.

Does it cost me anything to have my activity in the Radius community?

No! Having your activity included in the Radius community is free and always will be. In the future, we will offer additional features to providers that you can take advantage of and those offerings may have a cost, but a basic listing will always be free of charge. We want parents to know about you!

What does it mean for a provider or activity to be included in the Radius community?

Being included in the Radius community means that parents can quickly and easily find information about your business and the activities you offer for children. Parents are able to rapidly search for activities relevant to their children, and immediately see a brief description of the activity. If they want to learn more, parents can click on the activity and get a detailed description of the activity along with sessions and schedules.

How do I learn more? How do I support Radius in our community?

Email us at providers@myradius.io and we'll be glad to talk with you!

Join us!

If you are interested in community and some serious software engineering, send us an email at careers@myradius.io and let us know!